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    Grey Death-
    --A term used to describe the disfiguring disease that runs rampant among shifters and Vampires alike, there is medicine to stop its progression, but it is expensive, and dangerous, not to be taken by pregnant females. the disease is not fatal, but spreads over the skin like a rash, turning the skin into a mottled grey color, at times even looking scaly in the worse cases












    Seven Sights-
    --the term for the diffrent sorts of gifts a vampire might have.

    ---the first sight: sight of desire [they are able to see what someone truly wants]
    ---the second sight: future sight [they are vaguegly able to see the future, this is rare and takes alot of talent to correctly read.]

    Seven Sigils-
    --each of the origional great houses, any who took a beast for their sigil. every shifter today is catorgized in one of these seven breeds.





    --the term used for a blood servant, normally a shifter but occasionally a human or another vampire, they are kept around for ones blood needs, in the past they had been little more then glorified pets, but most now are considered a place of honor, and sometimes a lover, or a honored bloodmate, or at times a trusted advisor, who is part of a small circle.



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    glossary/terms Empty Re: glossary/terms

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    I have some suggestions for the sights and sigils.


    Marsupials (Koalas, Kangaroos)

    Just my thoughts on the matter.

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